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Octofrost is a global leader in the design and manufacture of food processing machinery. We're a family-owned Swedish business, founded in the 1990s. Our team of expert engineers creates world-beating machinery that's built to last, and that can be tuned to the exact needs of our customers.
Octofrost is a leading manufacturer of tropical fruit processing and food processing lines for the global market. We specialize in creating customized solutions for each of our clients, with the ability in fresh fruit processing and juice extraction.
We collaborated with growers and producers to create optimized solutions for all stages of production, with our IQF processing line being the ultimate result of those collaborations. Our equipment is designed to be highly efficient, easy to run and keep, and available at a competitive price point.
We understand the importance of ongoing innovation and reliable operations for your company. By collaborating with our customers, we build long-term relationships and ensure mutual success. Our food processing line for tropical fruit has significant advantages in terms of food safety, frozen product quality, and energy efficiency compared to our competitors. Contact us at [ukryte] to find out more.
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