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Intensive classes and summer courses (Spanish Language)

From July to September, we are offering  individual and group classes (maximum 5 people) online and stationary.
To make the most of this summer, for stationary classes, we have prepared additional outdoors activities, which include walks through the Tri-City and conversations if your level is A2 or higher, as well as Peruvian food preparation for all levels.
If you have thought to take advantage of this summer and start with a new language or improve your level of Spanish quickly, we are waiting for you. Manuel is a native of Perú so his accent is clear and makes learning the language easier at beginner levels. He works with Spanish texts from Spain and Latin America.
The teaching method is focused directly on the use of Spanish, so you will also learn grammar in practice and without much theory, for more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Los Esperamos.



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