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Job Description
As part of AXG group we deliver world class validation solutions for Intel graphics and compute products. The team you will be part of provides CI/CD processes based on a stable and predictable environment developed internally from scratch. The scale is huge: thousands of machines placed in numerous labs, running tests 24/7 and feeding us with an endless stream of data to analyze. To manage all of that effectively we use flexible test planning tools, fully automated test execution engine with schedulers providing fair test queue balancing, a handful of reporting solutions, automated data analysis mechanisms (maths inside) and lots of monitoring services. Maintaining an efficient and reliable process based on top of that is a challenge, it definitely is a dynamic place to be in and enforces a strong result-orientation. Moreover, we believe the only way to go is to constantly improve and grow. To make it even more interesting we cooperate with multiple teams worldwide (India, China, Russia, USA, Israel, etc.).

To deal with the above mentioned, a specific set of skills is needed. You should be a precise and reliable person. An analytical thinker who wonders why things behave in the way they do and who can notice a difference in small details. At the same time, you must be open for dynamic changes and able to concentrate on looking for solutions. You really should love challenges. We also expect that once you pick up a challenge you will be persistent to own it end-to-end, to talk to people and figure out what must be done, ask for help if needed and drive the change to finally celebrate a success seeing your work streamlining the process and raising it to a higher efficiency level. As an engineer in Continuous Integration Team your responsibilities will cover (but not limit to) areas like:
  • Test strategies definition test execution management for optimal resources utilization.
  • Large data sets analysis, regression testing, issues triaging, reporting, and tracking.
  • Process maintenance and continuous environment improvement with focus on efficiency and reliability metrics.
  • Cooperation with diverse teams on test suites definition, testing priorities, test ecosystem development, validation strategy, etc.


Minimum skills and experience:
  • BSc/MSc in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or any other technical related domain.
  • Experience in SW validation with at least 2-year proven track of records  
  • Familiar within defining automated tests strategies involving various components
  • Knowledge of data analysis techniques and algorithmics, ability to work with large data sets and applying correlation to given patterns
  • Excellent debug and analytical skills for triage and root-causing of issues in integrated software solutions, inquisitiveness
  • Experience in validation methodologies and Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery flows and toolkits (Jenkins, Github, Teamcity, Azure, …)
  • Familiar with bug reporting technologies and bug scrubbing process
  • Understanding of basics inside Windows and Linux OS
  • Efficient project and stakeholders management from previous roles
  • Challenge-driven, eager to influence the ecosystem to improve status quo
  • Disciplined being able to drive multiple project initiatives at the time with timely deliverables
  • Fluency in English (reading, writing, speaking) to be able to effectively cooperate and coordinate cross-geo

Nice to have:
  • System hardware troubleshooting skills
  • Basic SW layered design
  • Working knowledge in scripting languages like Python
  • Lean six sigma
  • Statistics measurements and practical usage

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Intel jest obecny na rynku od 1970 roku i ma swoje oddziały na całym świecie, jednak Gdańskie Centrum Badawczo-Rozwojowe jest jednym z 23 największych laboratoriów Intela w Europie. Pracuje w nim już ponad 2000 wysokiej klasy...

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