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Logistics Planner (LP)

Job description:
The overall responsibility of the LP is to coordinate and plan all aspects of the logistic supply chain operation within the specified area- from supplier compliance, warehousing, arranging goods delivery directly to the rig or other nominated destination – This in close coordination with Freight Forwarders and internal stakeholders. All logistics planning needs to be done with Constant Care focusing on safe execution and in line with internal stakeholder business requirements. The LP is responsible for monitoring and continued improvement of performance – provide cost effective logistics solutions and deliver on set objectives and KPI`s.

Primary responsibility of LP is to execute shipments from suppliers to shore bases around the world. Key area includes but is not limited to:

-Plan all tasks in a safe and secure way to safeguard no injuries on personnel or equipment,
-Act according to company set of core values
-Plan, book, execute and follow up on transports and logistics services
 -Ensure correct and sufficient documentation for all shipments -Meet set objectives and KPI`s for the team and individually
-Participating in projects when required
-Ensure transport costs are competitive in relations with local market level and align with global -agreements
-Engage proactively with stakeholders ensuring a supportive and efficient logistics operation
-Identify and address cost saving opportunities as well as process improvement optimization
-Monthly KPI reporting
-Provide stakeholder with support and update of shipment status as required
-Mitigate potential risk for failure in the logistic operation
-Identify and address Master Data non-conformance, i.e. missing Serial Number with relevant stakeholder
-Obliged to stay updated on all relevant guidelines and regulations, internal as well as external, for transport of all goods, i.e. Dangerous Goods, Inco terms
-Ensure Compliance within area of responsibility. Identify and address Non-Compliance with internal as well as external stakeholders

Duty: Upon instruction, LP may also have to participate covering department Duty scheme (Duty Scheme is as per local requirements)

Travel: Travel is to be expected. In connection with new warehouse set up or to increase knowledge of local set up travel for longer periods can occur.

Documentation and record responsibilities:
Documentation maintained and updated in relevant internal and/or external system as required and ensure documentation of contractual and commercial records where applicable

Qualification requirements: 
We require professional experience or completion of logistics studies, knowledge about dangerous goods IMDG, IMO and IATA (or willing to acquire such knowledge), experience in customer service, good command of English in speech and writing, knowledge of computer systems IFS and MS OFFICE.

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