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My name is Andrew
Nie mowię po polsku!!!

I run a small business in Sopot. I am a certified life coach and emotional freedom technique practitioner using Matrix reimprinting
( Also See Karl Dawson youtube Matrix reimprinting) )
which are energy psychology modalities to help clear blocks that sabotage our success
I offer a free consultation session to discuss your requirements in Sopot & also online

As a coach, I specialize in helping clients, who are not happy in their current job/career
who are now seriously thinking about changing their job or career or even start their own business but excuses & fear are holding them back.
I can only speak to you in English

Please do not use this free session as an opportunity to have a free English conversation.

Price: 200 zł/ for a session for 1- 2 hr

Serious callers only
You can contact me on 730100... Wyświetl numer
or visit my website
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