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  • Rok produkcji
    2001 r.
  • Przebieg
    199000 km
  • Pojemność
    3200 cm3
Osobą prywatną
II (2001-2003)
225 KM
Skrzynia biegów
Automatyczna skrzynia biegów
Typ nadwozia
Liczba drzwi
Na przednie koła
Stan techniczny
Numer VIN
Typ pojazdu
  • Bezwypadkowy
  • Garażowany
  • Kupiony w kraju
  • Zarejestrowany w Polsce
  • ABS
  • Wspomaganie kierownicy
  • Poduszki powietrzne
  • Klimatyzacja
  • El. szyby
  • El. lusterka
  • Alarm
  • Immobilizer
  • Centralny zamek
  • Radio
  • Alufelgi
  • Szyberdach
  • Skórzana tapicerka
  • Kierownica wielofunkcyjna
  • Podgrzewana przednia szyba
  • Podgrzewane fotele
  • Tempomat
  • Ksenony

Treść ogłoszenia

Lady or the Beast. The Acura CL Coupe is a car designed for highway driving. He loves to drive at high speed, especially with Vtec instantly turns into a beast. The engine sounds like a Formula racing car, but on the other hand, it can also act like an elegant lady walking on high heels. It will show you calmness and fluency.
Every time I get into an Acura it gives me a sense of luxury. Soft leather interior with just the right amount of wooden, perfectly accentuated finishes. Every button you touch gives you a sense of quality. The six-speaker BOSE sound system provides a concert hall experience. Bi-directional sunroof, cruise control, traction control system, electric windows and mirrors, electric seats, heated seats, heated mirrors, airbags, and even the automatically adjustable rearview mirror, when engaged in reverse, adjusts itself to the curb-visible position for easy parking. Xenon lights, automatic air conditioning, multifunction steering wheel, power steering, central locking, immobilizer, CD player and many other functions all add up to the word "Luxury".
Acura shares the tradition with its sister Honda, using space intelligently to provide every inch of usable space in both the cabin and the boot. I was surprised when I came home with 3 pieces of large luggage, everything was in the trunk. Not only my children prefer to sit in the rear seats of the Acura instead of the Honda SUV, but also all my friends sitting in the Acura were surprised at what luxury and pleasure it is. Practical dashboard and console design, clean and easy-to-use buttons with no clutter. Fantastic road feel, excellent visibility.
For a 3.2-liter V6 engine, the Acura is still relatively fuel-efficient thanks to a 5-speed automatic transmission. Fuel consumption is about 10 l / 100 km while driving in the Tri-City and only 8 l / 100 km on the motorway. The Acura CL is also equipped with a Tiptronic / semi-manual shift for more fun and control.
Despite all the great memories Acura has given us, it is with great regret that we have to let her go to another loving home because the garage has a new job and there is no parking space in the area.
In the last photo you can see a paint crack on the rear bumper, the bumper is not damaged, just cracked paint on the surface. Honestly, the Acura is in very good condition for a 21-year-old car. All maintenance and service work was performed according to schedule. I have bills for everything. As my mechanic says: just do regular maintenance and the Acura will run without problems for many years. I sincerely hope that Acura will go to loving hands. I heartily recommend it.
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