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we need money, sponsors, promoters, advertisers, people who will help in this project, a team of disabled musicians, sick artists, people of art, sports, intelligence, for the revival of good, honest true music rock and roll hard rock, metal, jaz, blues classics, ethnic music, primal ancient music, music of tribes, Indians and other genres, styles that are ambitious to raise the level of culture, music, recreation, entertainment, educate young people through good quality music, art, organize interesting thematic events for rehabilitation, activation through music, artistic matters and other useful things at the level of things, and we also want to change for the better the corruption that rules in the show business industry, where people who should not be in this position are often in charge, so we want to improve the quality of the media, managers, presidents and change other people who currently have a poor level of culture,the art of music,etc to more fair regulations , laws and copyrights on the Internet, which hit creators, who do not earn money, sometimes professional musicians, artists live in poverty or very modestly, sometimes even the situation forces them to become homeless, playing in the street humiliating themselves sometimes with great knowledge and artistic accessories no one wants to pay and appreciate this street art and even people treat it with humiliation

so an appeal to influential people who can help, people wise with money, and if not with money, then with knowledge of how it can be changed, so that they do not have anesthesia, do not close themselves, so that they wake up, start acting positively, in the circles of changes in the culture of its level, because currently it is not good, you should wake up before it's too late, the strength is in the group, so I encourage you to help us, musicians, charity and social activists, artists, sick people, people wronged by fate, who want to create ambitious art, music, the entire entertainment industry, so let's get to work, join the action whether financially, or good advice, or your meditation and prayer I think that together we can change the situation of low-level media, radio, television, those who think la, to benefit financially, not to create real good, good art, for more information on this subject,
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